Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The First 100 Days of President Obama

Hard to believe the first 100 have already come and gone. The news good news is that we are all still here and I expect we will here after the next 100 days of the Presidents administration.

Today I heard Rush give the President a D grade for the first 100 days. I'm sure all the other news whether mainline - drive-by - or radio personalities as well as each of us have given or will give a grade to the President.

I am choosing to not grade the President at this time. However, as a citizen of this great Country I am concerned about direction and the following thoughts do concern me a great deal:

*I am concerned that President Obama has so quickly reversed stem cell research and funding for some abortions. It seems to me that with all our financial problems that funding could and should go to a better purpose

*I am concerned that President Obama is allowing the Federal Government to become partial owners of many major banks and other giants of industry such as the Auto Industry. I am not a socialist, nor was our great Country founded on Socialist ideals. Yet, Mr. President, it seems you are running as full speed down this pathway. I for one cannot run with you on this.

*I am concerned Mr. President that you are so willing to open dialogue with shall we say, men who do not have the best interests of our Government at heart. Just one example. While I have no personal feelings toward Mr. Chavez, and while I would like to sit and share the gospel with him, is it really wise for you sir to seek him out and shake his hand without any meaningful dialogue?

Those of you who are reading this post (who am I kidding) may feel that I am one of those who are hoping that the President fails. I do not hope such a thing. I am not sure I support all of his programs - obviously, I have a problem with some as you can tell. My hope is that the best days of USA are not gone and forgotten, but are ahead of us.

Mr. President, please prayerfully consider your actions before taking them.

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