Sunday, May 24, 2009

General Powell....I'm Disappointed

General Powell,

Life from my point of view allows every person a right to their point of view. On Memorial Day weekend we honor the men and women who have given the most incredible sacrifice, all they had, their life, so that we would have the right to say and believe what we feel strongly about.

General, you have the right to suggest the Democrats go after Vice President Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, and even to close Gitmo, however, I also have the right to disagree with you, which I do.

When we first met, oh, not person to person, but when you were in Desert Storm 1 - and then on to be "W"'s Sec of State, I was incredibly impressed with you as a war hero, statesman, a black American, and even as a Republican. When you chose not to run for President against Bill Clinton, I was disappointed but understood your motivation. General, you have crossed the line from "my point of view".

The late great President, Ronald Reagan had what was called an 11th commandment, do you remember, it was "Never speak badly of another Republican". My goodness General, you certainly have not lived recently by this mantra. For me to write this is not breaking RR's commandment at all, you see, I do not feel you have the values and goals of my fellow Republicans.

For you to come out openly for then Democratic Nominee, Obama, over McCain was so racist of you. For you to be critical of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin, was shocking. Now for you to go after our former VP, your boss as Sec of Def under Bush #1 shows me your true color - you are not a Republican, you are not the man I thought you were.

I thank God in America you can openly do what you are doing without fear of reprisal, just as I can be critical of your choice in this blog. I wish, you had simply remained a General or retired quietly and stayed out of the political arena. My great fear is that you Sir, perhaps with good intention, are not making the great Country safer and more secure.

In your effort to support the closing of Gitmo, I as just one American citizen, do not feel safer than I did under Bush/Cheney.

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